Feminine Care Plus/Health Aid

Most versatile Feminine Care Plus Machine on the Market! Can vend up 33 Sanitary Napkins or 51 Tampax Tampons in addition to 37 medicine packets or condoms. The dispensing coils can be quickly changed to offer any combination of these products. For example each of the three shelf can hold 11 Sanitary Napkins or 17 Tampons.

Four separate Steel Coin Mechanisms with all exclusive Steel Knobs allows individual pricing of products: Accepts up to 2 coins such as: $.75, $1.00 . Most other machines use a single plastic coin mechanisms and can vend only up to $.75
Dimensions of the machine: 24 1/4″H x 22″W x 4 1/2″D Weight: 38 lbs.
Machine is ready to be Wall Mounted.

Feminine Care Plus/Health Aid 4

Vend Option Machine Only Shipping Machine with
Pedestal Stand
$0.50 $380 $59 $555 $108
$0.75 $415 $59 $590 $108
$1 $415 $59 $590 $108

Machine Options

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